Corporate Social Responsibility – Our Legacy - Prudential

Our Legacy

When John Fairfield Dryden founded Prudential in 1875, he did so with a clear purpose in mind: making life insurance affordable for working class families. Since then, a strong sense of social responsibility has remained embedded in the company, guiding our efforts to help our customers achieve peace of mind and financial security.


As a business, we carry out this mission by providing innovative solutions to complex financial challenges. With that same sense of purpose, we develop innovative solutions to complex social challenges.

Today, we continue to build on our legacy and use our collective business expertise to help address some of the most critical issues of our time: the barriers that prevent individuals and communities from achieving financial and social mobility.

As a global financial services company, we have a responsibility to address these social issues. As a purpose driven company, we use our skills and resources to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to achieve economic success.