Registration Terms and Conditions

We encourage qualified vendors who provide the products and services purchased by Prudential to make us aware of their firm’s capabilities. Firms who choose to register as prospective vendors will be asked to confirm the following, among other things:

  1. The registration form has been completed by an employee of the registering firm who is authorized by the firm to accept the terms of registration.
  2. The information provided in the registration is a truthful and accurate representation of the registering company.
  3. Social Security Numbers were not provided.
  4. If a diverse status is indicated, the company is at least 51 percent owned, operated and controlled by the designated diverse group.
  5. Registrant has not submitted any proprietary, confidential or restricted information on the registration form.
  6. Prudential’s policies and ethical standards (see Prudential Vendor Code of Conduct and Terms of Engagement) were reviewed and the firm agrees to comply with these policies/standards.
  7. Registrant does not do business with any party under OFAC sanction. For more information, please visit the US Treasury Department’s website (key search words: “OFAC” and “Financial Sanctions”).

We're committed to keeping your information confidential and secure. For more information, read our Privacy & Business Integrity statement.

Registration is not a guarantee of business, nor does it confer on your company any status as a vendor of Prudential. The actual award of contracts is a competitive process and any business your company does with Prudential will be subject to separate terms and conditions to be negotiated between us.

Please visit our Vendor and Contingent Worker Portal to register.