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Prudential’s purpose – “To power the ambitions of people, organizations and communities” – guides us toward finding the best path from achieving today’s goals to keeping tomorrow’s promises. We focus on maintaining strong momentum in our businesses now while investing in resources that will create value well into the future.

The Purpose of Sustainability– our 2016 Sustainability Report – demonstrate the inextricable linkage between pursuing our purpose and crafting enduring vitality. Sustainability at Prudential describes what we do to keep the long-term promises we make every day.  Prudential’s oversight of sustainability is grounded in the four areas of long-term value creation, each reflecting an understanding of the intricate relationship between a responsible corporation and today’s society. They are:

  • Financial Strength – Managing risk with integrity and discipline
  • Customer Focus – Innovating to drive success for customers and society
  • Talent Focus – Recruiting, engaging and retaining diverse talent
  • Responsible Impact – Engaging with stakeholders to build shared success

Proactive engagement with stakeholders supports Prudential’s achievement of its purpose and the company’s long-term vitality by encouraging learning and increasing transparency. This year’s report builds on productive discussions and suggestions from investors, customers, and advocates.

Read the 2016 Sustainability Report. Additional information about the company’s policies and practices can be found in the links on the right side of this page.

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