Our Talent Defines Us

"Our Talent Defines Us"

John Strangfeld, Chairman & CEO

Senior leaders discuss the critical role talent management plays in the company's overall business strategy.

The "Talent Mind-Set" at Prudential

Prudential understands that we can achieve breakout performance only through the collective capability of our people. That's why we consider leadership and talent a priority throughout the company. This "talent mind-set" means embracing collaboration and diversity. It means developing capabilities and talents among our current employees and seeking fresh ideas from new ones. It means tapping into the skills and talents of every employee, recognizing that leadership doesn't come from a title or role but rather from a commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our investors, and each other.

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Our "Elevate" Culture

We are proud of the achievements of our people and our efforts to make talent a priority at Prudential. But we are anything but complacent. Rather, we are focused relentlessly on pushing to the next level in how we identify, develop, and inspire leadership in ourselves and in those who will follow us. It's a concept that we sum up with the key word "elevate"-a reminder to continuously raise the bar for talent.

Our People

Prudential's people are subject matter experts, thought leaders, and role models. Their insights are sought out by the business community, and their impact acknowledged in prestigious publications and through the receipt of numerous awards. They contribute their expertise and knowledge to nonprofit boards and community-service organizations

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