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Prudential & the Environment 

As a leading life insurer and asset manager, Prudential believes that a healthy environment helps us create and preserve value for our customers, employees and investors, and that deteriorating environmental conditions pose unacceptable challenges to our quality of life and our business. We recognize the emerging risk of global climate change, and the impact it could have on our industry, our customers, our employees and our neighbors. We have a strong corporate commitment to clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency, both in our operations and in our investments. 

By engaging with customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders, we will continue to develop our understanding of climate and energy, and take additional actions that protect the environment and strengthen our businesses. In this work, Prudential engages with a wide variety of stakeholder organizations, including: 

  • Ceres Investor Network on Climate Risk 
  • Principles for Responsible Investment - Manager Selection Working Group 
  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) – Benchmark Committee 
  • Pension Real Estate Association – Technology and Sustainability Affinity Group 
  • Urban Land Institute’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance - Performance Committee 
  • Urban Land Institute’s Responsible Property Investment Council 
  • US Green Building Council, New Jersey Chapter – Board of Directors 

Prudential is also a signatory of the Geneva Association’s Statement on Climate Risk. 

Prudential is focused on instilling the principle of environmental stewardship throughout our global businesses. We believe that doing so benefits our clients, employees and shareholders- and future generations. 

Here's how we're making a difference: 

  • Reducing Our Environmental Footprint 
  • Investing Sustainably 
  • Engaging with Stakeholders 

For more information about Prudential’s overall commitment to Sustainability, including its environmental initiatives, For more information about Prudential’s overall commitment to Sustainability, including its environmental initiatives click here to read our Sustainability Report.

Here's how we're making a difference:

Environmental Stewardship Initiatives

Prudential businesses in the U.S. and abroad are focusing on a broad range of activities that contribute to the protection of the environment.

Environmental Activism

Across the country, Prudential Financial actively supports a broad range of employee and community efforts to improve the environment.

Green Investments

Prudential Financial has for more than 20 years been a major investor in alternative sources of energy and is at the forefront of efforts to construct "green" buildings.