Banner the value of a prudential financial professional

The market turmoil of the past few years has demonstrated the importance of careful financial planning. Investors need insight and innovative products to help them manage their portfolios. Licensed financial professionals receive extensive training on a broad range of topics and investment products, giving them the expertise to help investors build a portfolio that suits their current and future financial needs and that can withstand market swings.

In particular, a licensed financial professional can offer assistance with:
  • Understanding how annuities can provide a lifetime income
  • Selecting appropriate investment products
  • Understanding the risks and rewards associated with various investments
  • Building or rebuilding a 401(k) plan
  • Funding a college education
  • Choosing a suitable life insurance policy
  • Handling an inheritance or windfall
  • Adhering to IRS regulations
  • Responding to financial obligations associated with the death of a spouse
  • Processing investment transactions
  • Monitoring portfolio holdings

Qualities to Look for in a Financial Professional

Some financial professionals have received advanced investment-related training and are identified as financial planners. The advice you will get from any two financial professionals will likely be the same. The differentiators may be the level of service and the price. (Some financial professionals charge a percentage of your principal investment or return on investment, while others charge a flat fee.)

With this in mind, consider looking for a financial professional who:
  • Has experienced varying market cycles. Professionals who have seen market ups and downs may be better able to prepare you-and your portfolio-for such events.
  • Can offer you a diverse selection of products-not just those in his or her company's stable.
  • Can connect you to his or her research capabilities. Don't be afraid to conduct your own due diligence when examining products or strategies.
  • Has access to the latest portfolio-building technology. A broad range of investment tools-like calculators and hypotheticals-offer investors greater insight.
  • Is available to answer your questions and maintains regular contact with you. Communication is the key to a successful relationship.

Find a Financial Professional

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