Our Commitment to Diversity

Difference can make all the difference in the world. At Prudential we count on that. We have a long-standing commitment to diversity in our workplace and marketplace.

We understand that we succeed through people—those who skillfully create and deliver the products and services that distinguish us from our competitors, those who confidently entrust their family’s wealth protection and growth to us, those who invest in our company’s future to help secure their own, and those who live alongside us on the city streets and neighborhood blocks where we do business.

Prudential serves its customers in more than 40 countries and territories, and we seek talented, creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds, worldviews and life circumstances to work with us. It is our priority that our workplace be inclusive, welcoming of new ideas and appreciative of valuable experience.

We know our employees have lives outside of work and we are committed to helping them succeed both professionally and personally. We do this through business-based flexible work arrangements, best-in-class work/life and wellness services, competitive compensation and benefits, state-of-the-art learning and development initiatives, and leading-edge technology that supports innovation.

Our business strategies fully consider, respect and reach out to diverse consumers and communities. Our goal is to partner with them to meet their current needs, support their dreams and build their futures.

As the Leadership Team, we recognize that individual differences represent a mosaic of opportunities for Prudential. We hold ourselves, our management team and all employees accountable for promoting an environment that values these differences and capitalizes on these opportunities for the ultimate benefit of our customers, shareholders and employees.

John Strangfeld
Chairman and CEO
Mark B. Grier
Vice Chairman
Charles F. Lowrey
Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer
International Businesses

Stephen Pelletier
Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer
U.S. Businesses
Robert M. Falzon
Executive Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer
Timothy P. Harris
Executive Vice President
& General Counsel
Richard F. Lambert
Senior Vice President
Chief Actuary
Barbara G. Koster
Senior Vice President
and Chief Information Officer
Nicholas C. Silitch
Senior Vice President
Chief Risk Officer
Scott G. Sleyster
Senior Vice President
and Chief Investment Officer
Sharon C. Taylor
Senior Vice President
Human Resources