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Choosing a financial professional

A financial professional can help you:

  • Select appropriate investment products
  • Understand the risks and rewards associated with various products
  • Fund a college education
  • Choose a life insurance policy
  • Invest money from an inheritance or windfall
  • Respond to financial obligations associated with the death of a spouse
  • Process investment transactions
  • Review your portfolio holdings

In fact, according to a LIMRA Retirement study, pre-retirees and retirees who work with advisors are more confident about their retirement outlook:

Retirees' and Pre-Retirees' Retirement Outlook
Advisor Confident that I'll be able to live the retirement lifestyle I want Currently very involved in monitoring and managing my savings Periodically I spend time investigating and deciding whether to buy a specific financial product
Work with advisor 60% 60% 46%
Do not work with advisor 33% 37% 28%
Source: LIMRA Retirement Study - Consumer Phase (2012)

When it comes to protecting your future and leaving a legacy for your family, a licensed financial professional can offer you the guidance you need.

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